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How We Help

"Build it and they will come", a cliché reverberated in the movie Field of Dreams, is a common principle that most companies assume when it comes to promoting their e-businesses. Just because the Internet is by default, global, people think their businesses automatically become global. However, the success of a company's business takes more than just "building" a website. Success requires a sustained effort to compel customers to visit, stay, transact and return to the site. Whether through content, design or a meaningful service, a website's success is not measured merely by the number of hits, page views or impressions, but is also measured by the degree of "stickiness" or its ability to hold users captive to its offerings repeatedly, eventually leading to increased revenues.

Clyent Internet Architects acts as a business accelerator to both entrepreneurs and major corporations who are driven and committed to bring their business ideas online. We guide start-up entities to success by providing them with effective, sophisticated and value-based marketing and business development services.

Through strategic thinking and creative application of our services, we meticulously map out and implement marketing and business development tasks for both emerging and established companies. We guide entrepreneurs in identifying business goals, executing plans and eventually sustaining revenue growth. Clyent Internet Architects offers the expertise of experienced professionals with proven business acumen as well as technology know-how to help drive companies to long-term success.

Our expertise is classified according to the following services: